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Stay with a Family in Latin America and Learn Spanish

So you have started learning Spanish and you want to take it to the next level? Well, by staying with a family in Latin America you will be able to become fluent in Spanish very quickly. A few years ago I ventured to deepest, darkest Peru to stay with a Peruvian family on the coast. […]

Jan 15, 2014  Comments: 0

Make Learning Spanish Fun – Mix Up the Learning Experience

That old adage that variety is the spice of life is absolutely true. When it comes to learning Spanish by mixing up your learning experiences you will have far more fun learning the language and will come into contact with a wide range of Spanish too. While it is great to enroll in a Spanish […]

Jan 6, 2014  Comments: 0

Watch TV and Learn Spanish

Using TV, whether it is broadcast programs or DVDs, can be a great tool for helping you to learn Spanish. It might be called the idiot box from time to time, but when you are trying to master Spanish that is a misnomer. In fact, it can be one of your greatest resources. Using video […]

Jan 4, 2014  Comments: 0

How The Internet Can Help You Learn Spanish

What would we do without the Internet? It has changed our lives in so many ways, one of which is helping to learn a foreign language. The Internet is flush with millions of Spanish language learning resources that are waiting for you to utilize them. There is no doubt about it, the Internet has drastically […]

Jul 23, 2013  Comments: 0

Leaning Spanish – Part 6 – Using Text Books

In my last article I started to talk about a Spanish textbook called ‘Pasos’. This was the textbook I used when I first started learning Spanish. When I started studying from it I didn’t use it to its full potential. This was really down to time constraints and the fact I was about to embark […]

Jul 18, 2013  Comments: 0

Be Realistic, Learning Spanish Takes Longer Than Six Weeks

People often sign up for a six week Spanish program and are shocked when they complete the course and cannot communicate with aplomb in Spanish. If this statement sounds like it holds just a grain of truth for you, then you need to be realistic. Learning Spanish takes longer than six weeks. Think about this: […]

Jul 14, 2013  Comments: 0

How to Build a Strong Spanish Vocabulary

Building up a strong Spanish vocabulary is important to improve your ability to understand conversations that happen around you and to make you sound like a smart cookie when you speak or write in Spanish. There are many different ways that you can strengthen your vocabulary, try using a few of the following techniques and […]

Jul 5, 2013  Comments: 0

The Benefits of a One on One Spanish Teacher

There are several benefits to getting yourself a one on one Spanish teacher. Since I have run the gauntlet of just about every study Spanish option there is, I am going to share with you my experiences and you can decide for yourself which road to go down. It cannot be denied that a personal […]

Jul 4, 2013  Comments: 0

Part 4 – Learning “Parrot Fashion” or Learning Spanish grammar?

In my last article I started to write about some of the first steps I took when I decided to learn the Spanish language. In this article I want to talk about two different approaches to learning a new language that you may want to think about before you dive head long into a text […]

Jul 3, 2013  Comments: 0

Travel Through Latin America and Learn Spanish at the Same Time

Latin America with its hypnotic rhythms, exotic cuisines, verdant rainforests, ancient civilizations and tropical beaches offers a dizzying concoction of potential travel experiences. From hiking the Inca Trail to penguin spotting in Patagonia, Latin America is an exciting and memorable travel destination. Spanish dominates Latin America, in fact there are more than 400 million Spanish […]

Jul 1, 2013  Comments: 0

What Makes a Good Spanish Student?

There are several factors that add up to create a good Spanish student. Having been a language teacher and language learner for many years I have seen first hand many different learners: I have seen people excel in language learning and for various reasons I have seen people stagnate in their learning. If you want […]

Jun 28, 2013  Comments: 0

Why Study Spanish Grammar?

It is true that one of the best ways to learn Spanish is to dive right in and immerse yourself in the language. Throwing off your inhibitions and chatting away to Spanish speakers helps to develop good pronunciation, fluency and a grasp of juicy slang words. This is the way that you and I learned […]

Jun 26, 2013  Comments: 0

Learning Spanish – Part 3 – Taking Your First Steps

In the last article I talked about mental preparation. If you are thinking about learning Spanish then it makes sense to think carefully about what you hope to achieve and how you hope to achieve it. This is because the learning process is likely to be a long one and full of trials and tribulations. […]

Jun 25, 2013  Comments: 0

Where does the Spanish language come from?

Languages are living and malleable: that is, they are constantly evolving and changing. Spanish is no exception and what we know as Spanish today is the result of the blending of several linguistic elements. Spanish is typically classed as a Romance language that is, one that has evolved from Latin. It also belongs to the […]

Jun 24, 2013  Comments: 0

A Guide to Learning Spanish – Mental Preparation

In the last article; ‘Anybody can learn Spanish’ I talked about the different reasons why people might decide to learn Spanish. I also talked about the great sense of achievement that learning another language can bring you. In this article I am going to talk about the different things you should consider before embarking on […]

Jun 23, 2013  Comments: 0

Where Does the Spanish Language Come From?

Languages are living and malleable: that is, they are constantly evolving and changing. Spanish is no exception and what we know as Spanish today is the result of the blending of several linguistic elements. Spanish is typically classed as a Romance language that is, one that has evolved from Latin. It also belongs to the […]

Jun 22, 2013  Comments: 0

Whats The Best Way To Learn Spanish

So you have decided that you are going to take the plunge and learn Spanish? Great idea, with more than 400 million Spanish speakers in more than 20 countries around the world, it is a very handy language to have up your sleeve. You may be wondering what the best way for you to learn […]

Jun 20, 2013  Comments: 0

The Best Way to Learn Spanish is to Get a Spanish Speaking Girlfriend / Boyfriend

People often talk tongue in cheek about the “language of love” when two people from opposing cultures and languages get together. But… if you want to become fluent in Spanish, then one of the best ways to do it is to get a Spanish speaking girlfriend or boyfriend. I met my partner in Japan: he […]

Jun 18, 2013  Comments: 0

Teach English in Latin America and Learn Spanish at the Same Time

Feel like adding a bit of spark to your life and broadening your horizons? Why not consider teaching English in Latin America and learning Spanish at the same time? There are multitudes of locations all around Latin America that offer programs where you can teach English to locals while becoming a Spanish speaker. If you […]

Jun 17, 2013  Comments: 0

How is Latin American Spanish Different?

There is a far bigger difference between the Spanish that is spoken in Spain and Latin American Spanish than exists between British and American English. The Spanish from Spain has some very different grammar, vocabulary and slang to that which is spoken in Latin America. Latin Americans differentiate the Spanish they speak by calling it […]

Jun 15, 2013  Comments: 0

  The following links are a selection of Spanish related websites that may be of use to you.  

Spanish Language Schools - Spain / Latin America / USA

One of the best ways to fully master the Spanish language is to completely immerse yourself in it. Although much of the learning process can be achieved by taking lessons, or studying a text book the best way to gain practical experience is to spend some time in a Spanish speaking country. Learning Spanish whilst actually living in say Latin America or Spain not only gives you the practical exposure you need but also allows you to experience a wide variety of rich and diverse cultures.

Other Spanish related websites

Accomodation in Spain   -  www.RentAccomSpain.com
Villas, accommodation, business and services for sale and rent.

Life in Spain   -  www.thisisspain.info
Information about moving to Spain - Advice, travel guides and much more.

Angloinfo - Life in the Costa del Sol, in English - The local business directory.
NativeSpain.com - Your Essential Guide to Spain.

Spanish resources around the world

Study a Foreign Language Abroad
Discover our great selection of foreign language courses around the world. Learn the language and enjoy the local culture at one of our wonderful destinations including France, Italy, Germany, Austria, New Zealand, Latin America, Spain, China, Japan and Russia.

Volunteer Petén - Guatemala
Here you can find all the information necessary to plan your stay in the jungle of Guatemala, Central America as a volunteer, Spanish student, or adventurer. This site also has all our information on our ecological park, Spanish School, international group and school projects, environmental education project, other community projects, and general information on San Andrs, Petn.

Spanish Language Video Lessons
Spanish language courses with video and podcast lessons. Each Spanish video lesson is accompanied by a podcast which you can listen to while reading the transcript on the page. Free lessons and other language resources available.

The first information site about travelling and language teaching. Country guides, language schools, summer schools, etc.

Spanish Websites - Designed for educators and students. Excellent contacts and links for students of all levels.

Other useful contacts

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  • Study French in France - Learn the French language in France with BLS. Personalized French language courses in France for adults and teenagers. Award winning schools in Bordeaux, Biarritz.
  • Online Home Schooling - Foresttrailacademy provides online homeschooling that is defined as the education of children at home rather than any school or institution.
  • Language Translation Services - Axis Translation offers translation and language services for all your needs i.e business translation, marketing translation, website translation, medical translation and language translation etc.
  • Spanish - Spanish language guide, the right site to learn the Spanish language.
  • Management Training Courses - Management Training Specialists provides you the best and the qualitative knowledge for your bright future.
  • 1 Year Bachelor - 1 year bachelor programs in different disciplines are popular among working students who need to upgrade their professional skills from the root. Which institutes conduct one year bachelor study programs online is a big question to be answered by only RDI Hong Kong
  • Corporate Translation Services - We are a translation company providing translation, transcription and interpreting services in a broad range of field and languages.
  • Cursos de ingles - Cursos de Ingles en el extranjero. Aprender Ingles en el exterior.
  • Learn English - Learn English guide, all about how to learn English and how to speak Englsih.
  • Legal Translation - 7 Brands offers quality legal translation services.
  • Scholarly Journals - Access 74,000 books and over 2 million full-text articles online. Questia library is your research solution for better grades.
  • College Classes - Know, how online college class can provide a person a degree in a number of disciplines and what are necessary steps and equipments which can help them in attaining their goal of attaining high rankings.
  • Korean Translator - Get Korean language translation done by experienced native Korean translators.
  • Italian - Italian language guide, the right site to learn the Italian language.
  • Distance Learning - Distance learning has made education accessible for everyone, including the physically challenged, who could otherwise have not been able to complete thier higher studies at a regular college. It has become an integral part of today's education.
  • French language courses - French courses for adults in Antibes - French Riviera - in an accredited school open all year round
  • Portuguese - Portuguese language guide, the right site to learn Portuguese language.
  • Online MBA in Canada - MBA in Canada is a world-known study program in the field of online education. RDI provides a list of colleges and universities where online MBA in Canada is offered to global students at affordable course fees.
  • Distance Learning in Nigeria - Let distance learning shape up your career. Visit our site to get to know about prospects, advantages and makings of distance learning in Nigeria. It will help you knowing about the progress of Nigeria in distance learning.
  • Cursos de idiomas Vancouver - Cursos de inglés para todos los niveles y durante todo el año. Cursos para estudiantes y profesionales en Vancouver
  • Escuela de inglés Nueva York - Con 'Speak & Fun Idiomas' aprenderás inglés en Nueva York para adultos todo el año.
  • Psychology Careers -
  • How to - How to books and articles, all the books are free to read online.
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  • Professional Translation Services - Global provider of translation solutions. Translate any document, of any size, to and from any language. We can meet any deadline.
  • Spanish Translation Company - Translate any document that you have from Spanish to English or English to Spanish.
  • Professional Interpretation Services - Global provider of interpretation solutions. Professional Legal, Medical, Conference and Phone interpreting.
  • Business Localization - An international business consulting, translation and interpreting firm with the ability to offer you services in any corner of the world.
  • Language Translation - Translationplus.com - is a professional language translation and interpretation service provider dedicated to providing accurate and culturally sensitive international communication services that meet and surpas industry standards.
  • Learn French - Learn French guide, all about how to learn French and how to speak French.
  • Learn French in Paris - Cactus offers a wide range of French language courses in Paris taught with native French speakers. Book your course now!
  • High School Diploma Online - Alpha High School graduates get an official High School diploma recognizable by every institution accross the country.
  • Full Time MBA Programs - GICE offers comprehensive full time MBA programs.
  • Language Courses - Mylanguagecourses is comitted to providing useful information and promoting the language schools and courses that may help you learn the most effective and fun way.
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