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The Origins of Spanishexperto

Friday, May 31st, 2013

If you are interested in learning the Spanish language then this is for you. Hi, my name is Nick and amongst other things, I spend a lot of my time supporting a new online learning solution for the Spanish language;

The team at Spanishexperto have created a study program that gives the student everything that is needed to become a fluent speaker and competent user of the Spanish language. The best thing is that the entire program is Internet based with no need to buy CD’s or books. Clever use of audio and video gives the student a unique interaction with online teachers that is controlled by the student in a way that suits them.

So, what’s the catch, how much does it cost you might be asking? Well actually much of what Spanishexperto has to offer is free. The Spanish useful phrases section of the website will show you how you can communicate in Spanish in many common everyday situations. You have access to hundreds of English to Spanish word lists that are split up into easy to remember categories. The Spanish pronunciation guide with audio is simply perfect for making sure the Spanish you speak can be understood and the Spanishexperto verb conjugation tables will show you how to use and form Spanish verbs in every tense you will come across.

If you are serious about learning Spanish then becoming a Spanishexperto member is what you really need. The cost of membership for a year would have cost you less than 5 pence a day (now – totally FREE) and for this you have unlimited access to 35 audio and video lessons that cover all major aspects of Spanish grammar. Each lesson is supported with a number of different interactive quizzes that are designed to test your understanding of what has been taught in each lesson. You can progress at a pace that suits you and you can revisit any lesson as many times as you want to.

If you prefer, you can absorb the same information that is contained in the audio and video lessons by reading the supporting written material that accompanies each lesson, or you can use both at the same time! Whatever way you choose, Spanishexperto gives you all the tools you need to do the job.

Spanishexperto members also have access to hundreds of word remembering exercises that are designed to help you remember new Spanish words without having to use conventional word drills.

If you already speak a little Spanish then great but if, like me you had to start from the very beginning then maybe I can help. Much of the Spanishexperto study program has been designed as a result of feedback from people that have already learned the language. I am one of those people.

In the coming articles I will take you on a guided tour of how and when the Spanish language became a part of my life. The journey for me was a long one with many moments of both frustration and jubilation but in the end it was all certainly worth it. Now, I can communicate in not just one, but two of the most widely spoken languages in the world.

My experiences have taken me far and wide. From Spain, to Mexico, to Cuba, to Boliva, to Argentina and all that’s in between. Let me tell you how my experiences helped me to achieve my goal. It is a nice feeling to be able to have a conversation with a llama herder in Peru or to read Harry Potter in Spanish or to write a letter to a Spanish-speaking friend. If I can do it anybody can!!